Lean Green Services are an approved service provider for the Enterprise Ireland / IDA Lean Business Offer and the Local Enterprise Office Lean for Micro Programmes.

Client Companies can avail of Grant Funding for Lean Green Services of between 50 – 100% for eligible projects.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

Am I eligible?

The Lean Business Continuity Voucher is open to small, medium or large client companies of Enterprise Ireland or Údarás na Gaeltachta (including High Potential Start-ups).

IDA Ireland supported companies should refer to the IDA Ireland website for relevant Business Continuity supports.

Clients of Local Enterprise Offices should visit Local Enterprise Business Continuity Voucher, as should other companies employing up to 50 people who may also qualify for support.

Lean Green Services will gladly assist you to confirm your eligibility for this support and assist you with your application. Please Contact us…


Lean Green Services are an approved service provider for the Enterprise Ireland / IDA Business Continuity Voucher.


The Lean Business Continuity Voucher is available to eligible companies to access up to €2,500 in training or advisory services support related to the continued operation of their businesses during the current pandemic. The voucher may be used to obtain services of Lean Green Services in the form of management advice OR training of management or staff within the company or a combination of both.

This support can be delivered online or on site depending on your needs and current social distancing guidelines.

The service provided can focus on the Operations of the company in terms of;

  • Crisis response where appropriate,
  • Sustaining Operations including process re-engineering (Lean, etc),
  • Planning for resilience post crisis.

Examples of Advisory Services or relevant Training could include;

  • Crisis management
  • Building rapid deployment capability
  • Hygiene systems and deployment of same
  • Developing and deployment of safe working practices
  • Contact tracing and management
  • Management of people through a crisis – communicating/Handling issues
  • Coaching/mentor support for Leaders and Staff on mitigation and reduction actions
  • Risk assessments on sites and reducing risks of contamination
  • Preparing for external assessment such as by HSE/Department Agriculture Food and Marine
  • Rapid response to situations like rapidly disinfecting at pace
  • Preparing for reduced cash flow and challenging logistics
  • Carrying out risk assessments for continuity
  • Managing and supporting potentially compromised sub supply network
  • Development of Innovative substitution strategies
  • Managing subcontractors and suppliers
  • Developing rapid understanding of market requirements post crisis
  • Sourcing alternative distribution channels and logistics
  • Preparing for ramp up post crisis


Lean Green Services are an approved service provider for the Enterprise Ireland / IDA Lean Business Offer.  The Lean Business Offer provide grant funding for 80% of Lean Green Services Costs for eligible clients/projects.

Please contact Lean Green Services today for a free consultation to confirm your eligibility for grant funding and to select the best programme for you to start your Lean Journey.    

The Lean Business Offer was designed to encourage companies to adopt Lean thinking and practices to help them increase productivity and improve overall competitiveness. Additionally, it would enable the establishment of a culture of continuous improvement, and lead to increases in profitable sales, exports, and employment.

The LBO is based on three levels of engagement of increasing scale and complexity – incremental improvements – depending on the capability and capacity of the company:

  1. LeanStart – learn the basics.
  2. LeanPlus – performance improvement.
  3. LeanTransform – enterprise-wide transformation in culture and performance

Building on the success of the LBO, and so as to help Irish companies stay ahead of the competition in a rapidly evolving business landscape, Enterprise Ireland introduced the Operational Excellence Offer in 2018. This new offer was designed to incentivise established export-oriented companies to invest in upgraded production equipment, Lean/Operational Excellence training, and the implementation of innovative production, delivery, or organisational methods within the business. The goal was to bring the value of Lean principles into larger Digital Transformation projects.


Lean Green Services are an approved service provider for the Local Enterprise Office -Lean for Micro Programme and has provided support to over 30 clients under this scheme.

Lean Green Services will visit your company, evaluate your processes, and speak with the company’s managers about challenges faced by the business and the improvement project opportunities to be carried out over several weeks. A number of Lean tools and techniques will be applied as appropriate to the needs of the business and improvement project at-hand. Additionally, management and staff will be trained and mentored on Lean.

Please contact Lean Green Services today for a free consultation to confirm your eligibility for grant funding and to select the best programme for you to start your Lean Journey.


As an Expert Panel Member for Enterprise Ireland, Lean Green Services are an approved service provider for the Local Enterprise Office Business Continuity Voucher under the terms of the scheme.

Please contact Lean Green Services today for a free consultation to confirm your eligibility for grant funding under this scheme

About the Business Continuity Voucher

Businesses*, employing up to 50 staff, are eligible to apply for a Business Continuity Voucher to the value of €2,500 towards third party consultancy costs to assist with developing short-term and long-term strategies to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of the voucher is to provide contingency planning advice to assist businesses to continue trading through the crisis. The primary aim of the scheme will be to support companies make informed decisions on the immediate measures needed to continue trading in the current environment while securing the safety of all employees and future business viability through identification of remedial actions.

The Business Continuity Voucher is available to support businesses:

  1. Develop business continuity plan
  2. Assess current financial needs in the short term to medium term
  • Reduce variable costs, overheads and expenses,
  1. Review and explore supply chain financing options
  2. Implement remote working processes or procedures
  3. Leverage HR expertise
  • Leverage ICT expertise
  • Prepare a business case for application to emergency financial
  1. interventions available through Banks, SBCI and Microfinance Ireland.


Trading Online Voucher Scheme – up to €2,500 grant available

Grow your business with help from this Government grant scheme, designed to assist small businesses. It offers financial assistance of up to €2,500 along with training and advice to help your business trade online.  Participating in this scheme can make the process of trading online much easier for you.

Making informed decisions is vital for all business, so the free help and training provided by our office puts you in a position to decide what is best for your business.

Businesses that have already received a Trading Online Voucher can now apply for a second voucher, where upgrades are required.
Funding can be used towards adding payment facilities or booking systems to your website or developing new apps for your customers. This voucher can also be used towards subscriptions to low cost online platform solutions, to help companies quickly establish a retailing presence online.


Derek Hannick is on the Mentor Panel for the Sligo & Mayo Local Enterprise Offices.

The Mentor Programme is designed to match up the knowledge, skills, insights and entrepreneurial capability of experienced business practitioners with small business owner/ managers who need practical and strategic one to one advice and guidance. The mentor contributes independent, informed observation and advice to aid decision making.

All applications for mentor assistance are dealt with individually and are preceded by a business needs analysis to assess the key needs of the business and determine the most imperative mentoring objectives.

Who Qualifies?

The Mentor Programme is open to both new and existing businesses located withìn the LEO region.

The Role of Mentor:

  • Listen
  • Advise and provide direction
  • Help the promoter identify problems and suggest areas for improvement
  • Discuss solutions and innovative ways of improving business activity
  • Help with the decision making process
  • Share experience and knowledge
  • Provide structure and context for discussion
  • Offer assistance in compiling a business plan

Area of Involvement:

  • Business Strategy
  • Financial Planning
  • Market Research
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Production Planning
  • Distribution
  • Corporate Organisation
  • Website Planning & Design